Relaxaback is a device that is used in conjunction with guided instructions to help you let go of your pain. A structured process helps you achieve and maintain a reduction in pain within just 15 minutes per day.

Relaxaback provides you with a device that works. It works so effectively that I have sold thousands of them…all around the world. Some people have multiple units for home, office and installed permanently in their travel bag for recovering after airline seats or distance driving.

The device is a tool, but like any tool… it must be used and used properly.

“Relaxaback” is more than just a specially designed block of foam and plastic, it is a 28-day supported learning process that will guarantee you the following results or we will buy it back from you:

1. Your back painneck pain  TMJ, shoulder tension, headaches, migraines, bulging discs, hip pain, knee pain, sciatica, restless leg syndrome, stress, anxiety… you get the picture… will all reduce in severity.

2. You will learn how to easily and comfortably meditate effectively every day for 15 minutes .Even if you’ve tried every other method and failed, Relaxaback works on multiple levels for effectiveness

3. You will learn how to breathe, in relaxation and all day. This has the effect of reducing the acidity of your blood resulting in smooth muscle fibres softening. i.e. arteries, lungs, heart fibres will release allowing more natural functioning. Yes, this reduces blood pressure automatically

4. Stress levels reduce! If the first three points don’t make this patently obvious, yes… you will reduce the stress-load on your body in general. This improves patience, emotional stability, adrenal overload, digestion, sleep, weight loss, healing and helps you to recharge regularly…rapidly!

5. Your posture will improve. That’s right, doing very little compared to all the mainstream approaches of exercise, stretching, strengthening and sweat…you will begin to undo years of postural holding patterns that were never going to change by doing more.

6. Your dependence on devices and exercise as your body begins to return to its natural state of suppleness. If you remain unaware of the tension that you are continually building into your body each minute of each day, then all of the greatest inventions in the world will remain simply a remedy. Relaxaback teaches you how to release habitual tension… making you independent from the massive, billion dollar industry built around treating pain symptoms and not solving the cause.

7. You will save money as the number of treatments and practitioner intervention reduces. Not only money, but time and energy spent travelling to and from appointments, not to mention the waiting rooms! How much have you spent so far on your back pain issues?

8. You can get back to doing the things you love again. Do you shy away from the garden, surfing, tennis, hiking, playing with your grandchildren or simply exercising to stay fit? Well, now you don’t have to. Relaxaback gives you back control and choice.

Included in this program are the following components:

  • Relaxaback head support device
  • Guided audio program
  • One email per day for 28 days with tips, stories, research, self inquiry and homework to complete. No more than 3 minutes each day to keep you on track to achieve your goals
  • Setting up videos and audios
  • Unlimited email/phone support from the creator, me!
  • Upon completion of Relaxaback program you’ll be entitled to a massive discount on the Amoci Active program for intensive study of the Alexander Technique with a personal practitioner should you choose to continue your exploration of this way of life


We’re so confident you’ll love the results you’ll achieve with Relaxaback that if upon attending to your homework and completing a Relaxaback practice daily for 15 minutes over the course of the first month you are not satisfied with your results, we will buy the Relaxaback device back from you and cover the cost of return postage!

So, are you still wondering if it’s worth a try?

Watch our testimonial videos, read through some of the stories from real people in real pain who’ve had real results. You may well find your exact story has already been solved or reduced to the extent of manageable with less medications, manipulations or other external expense.

If you’d rather talk to me first please feel free to send me an email or call and we can set up a complimentary phone/skype appointment.
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Can you think of others you know who’ve tried everything and are still looking for help for their symptoms of pain?

I look forward to you joining the pain free community soon!

Best regards,
Paul Cook
Creator of the Relaxaback Program®
Practitioner and Instructor of The Alexander Technique

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