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The Story Behind Relaxaback

Hi my name is Paul Cook.

For almost 5 years I chased a cure to my back pain after a whiplash injury at 19, then I stumbled across a teacher who showed me some simple body mechanics.

In a matter of weeks I learnt how to stop the pain and 15 years on, my back is still free from practitioners and painkillers…and that’s without having to do hours of exercises, stretching and core conditioning each week.

I was so inspired by my seemingly miraculous recovery that I decided to go back to full-time study. I graduated with a Diploma in Alexander Studies as a teacher of the Alexander Technique in Melbourne, 2001. (a 3 year course)

What pushed me to drop my previous career was a light bulb moment in that I looked at all the advice and treatment from the previous 5 years of my young life and realised that not one professional had touched on the cause of my back pain in an empowering way.

Simply doing stretches or specialised exercises wasn’t addressing what I was doing with my coordination on a minute-by-minute basis.

Treating symptoms (chiropractic, physiotherapy, massage, acupuncture, osteopathy) was not getting to the root cause.

Exercising (yoga, aikido, core strengthening) was only doing more activity on top of my existing unconscious habits.

These days there’s nothing extra in my day to manage my back health at all. I’ve built strength and conditioning, stretches and rebalancing into my day, no time wasted. I’m actually doing it right now as I write this.

So, I’ve created the Relaxaback program as stepping stone No. 1.

Simply spend 15 minutes a day using the Relaxaback device whilst listening to the guided meditation and your back will recover from the daily effects of gravity and poor postural habits. If at the very least, you can reduce your intake of medications or push those waiting room visits out a few weeks, then you’ve saved time and money.

My intention is to empower you through education to change your life and find some independence from the medical mainstream.

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Paul Cook

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